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Kelli D. Covington says this mama bird sat there for hours watching her and Paula... a true testament to a mother's love ♥
Jana went  to Wichita with her family to see her dad get the  Bandmaster of the Year Award from Kansas Bandmaster Association!!!  I'm very proud of him.   This is long past due, in my opinion.
Congratulations Ray!

A Talented Man is Recognized
At one point , Irene’s path was to Florida but she only brushed our shores with welcome rain since  our land is under drought conditions. Our jubilation quickly subsided as we realized her next destination was North Carolina and north. Only those that have endured the wrath of hurricanes can fully appreciate the aftermath. Our prayers are with everyone now attempting to resume their lives.  
VT. Battles Floods. 
Susan made her third caramel delivery to the new business in Canal Wincheser.  You gotta stop in and try her goodies and of course pick up a caramel or two.  Tomorrow she will have bags of our caramels - tell her that I, (Susan) sent you.  Is your mouth watering yet?             Not in Canal Winchester?  We can testify that both the caramels and peanut clusters are decious.   In fact, we’re placing another order today.  Why not give them a try yourself?  M and D Caramels and Peanut Clusters Irish Abroad are very pleased to announce our new Irish Recipies contributor Elizabeth Mc Nally.  Elizabeth is the  Virginia (USA) based author, photographer and creator of  Wee Kitchen,  Elizabeth enjoys looking for ways to bring a new twist to traditional Irish recipes while maintaining their heritage.                    We can’t wait to try out her recipes and                              we are sure you will too, Elizabeth McNally Index Slider Families News 2014 News 2013 News 2012 News 2011 Other sites Calendar Information