Southern Scripts ~ a family newsletter Who is Slider? Who’s Slider? Who’s Neva?
I am originally from the  Buckeye State - Ohio. A few years ago I traveled south to Florida for a vacation, met a charming guy and as they say - the rest is HISTORY.  In  1990 this newsletter entered the world.  After a special  showing of Gone with the  Wind, where movie posters, programs and  Scarlet O’Hara drinks were served, the  coverage of the event  appeared in the first edition of Southern Scripts and here we are twenty years later.
Yep, that’s me.  Slider, also known as Steve.  I picked the name Slider when I went on line the first time back in the early nineties, my favorite show “Slider’s” was on.  I  started using it and have  since.  I’m the younger brother of the charming guy  mentioned above, brother-in- law to Neva.  A few years ago Neva asked me to do a page for the newsletter and here I am.  So when you have a  minute come visit me at  SLIDER”S PLACE.  Just a place to relax and enjoy South Florida.
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